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  • Aug 04 / 2016
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Room Dividers and Office Partitions

Room DividerIf you’ve ever thought of ways to maximize the space in your room, consider using a divider or partition to do get the job done.

What is a Room Divider?

I’m sure you can guess the functionality given its name, and yet I bet you didn’t realize that “folding room screens” as they were called in China, date back to antiquity; as early as the 7th century. Heavy and less mobile than they are today they were used primarily by royalty. Thankfully we don’t have to be a king or queen to enjoy their usefulness to help accentuate or minimize certain areas in our home, office, or castle. Room dividers come in a variety of forms: permanent, like a wine shelf in a steak house, built in, as found in office with sliding partitions, and portable/temporary like a convention center would use to sanction off different banquet halls/ballrooms.

Room Divider Perks

• Can be used for storage to conceal clutter.
• Adds accent to the room and creates a cozy vibe.
• Useful for redirecting foot traffic and can be used as decorative focal point.
• There are many different materials to choose from including fabric, mirrors, wood, plexiglass, pleated fabric, even framed cotton canvas.
• With a room divider it is also possible to create a foyer or a desk front modesty screen

Making a Good Impression

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home or a new place your eyes will usually flick to any clutter that may be lying around. A clean, neat, tidy space, mixed with a splash of decorative flair go a long way in the aesthetic department; not to mention minimizing your risk for any dust diseases that might be floating around. Interior designers like room dividers for obscuring an area or making it fully transparent. Elegant style and space efficacy all rolled into one useful partition. With an infinite variety to choose from (see the room divider options at our Los Angeles location), room dividers offer endless design options leaving your imagination room to run wild.
The Best Advantages of a Divider or Partition
• Privacy is one of the top reasons to invest in a quality divider.
• Using a partition to separate your children’s sleeping area offers affordable way to make your kids feel like they have their own special area.
• Great for separating the living room from the kitchen or dining room.
• Glass dividers offer a nice stylish effect adding more elegance to your home.
• Hanging or portable dividers can be easily disassembled, are easy to install, and run on the less expensive side.

Clearing a Few Things Up

While dividers are really great for improving the look and feel of your space there a few things to remember if you plan to use one any time soon. Glass dividers will offer you virtually no privacy, and are generally quite fragile. This is an important issue for you to keep in mind if you have small children scampering around day and night. The last thing you want is your child bleeding from the broken glass he just shattered all over the living room rug. Another thing to consider is they offer zilch in terms of noise reduction. Cleaning them can be annoying as well, especially if you opt for glass or a material that otherwise might be left to a professional. Choose wisely and you’ll have a time tested tool to use in your home or room; big or small.

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