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Dental Marketing Is About More Than Just Having A Website

  • Jan 27 / 2014
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Dental Marketing Is About More Than Just Having A Website

Just having a dental website is no longer enough. For your potential new patients to find you, your site must be designed and written with dental SEO — that is, dental search engine optimization — in mind. While you’re obviously a capable dentist, it’s understandable that you aren’t also an expert in computer science. Fortunately, SEO for dentists isn’t something you have to worry about. Help is available.

Think of it like this: What would you do if you want to find a new restaurant for dinner tonight? If you’re Internet savvy and have a computer or smart phone, you might search on Google for the kind of restaurant you want plus your city name — like “Italian restaurants San Diego” or “Los Angeles Chinese buffets”. Your computer or device would then show you some choices, possibly including a map that shows exactly where some of the places are.

People looking for a dentist do the same thing. They search using specific keywords that they believe will get them good search engine results. The key for you is figuring out what keywords they’re typing in most — and how to get your dental practice to rank well for those phrases. That’s where we come in. We help you find the best keyword terms, then we using them in many ways as we write the copy and create the design of your website.

You see, people and search engines look at sites differently. Google, for example, uses something called a spider to crawl your site and figure out what to do with it. It notices the text as well as so-called tags within the design. When specific dental SEO practices are put in place on your site, Google will rank your site higher, and more people searching for dentists in your area will see your page.

In the last several years, Google has changed — and they’re now much pickier about how the rank websites. If your site hasn’t been re-examined recently to make sure you content if of the highest quality and completely unique, you’re not getting the best possible results. Duplicate content now gets you a penalty that reduces your rank, but that can be fixed.

We’re pleased to provide dental SEO services for clients in our area and around the country. We attend industry events and constantly search for the latest news on the SEO industry, then put to work what we’ve learned and what we’re hearing for clients like you. Contact us now if you want experienced, cutting edge help with your SEO & dental marketing.

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