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Dental SEO And Braces – The Analogy

  • Jan 27 / 2014
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Dental SEO And Braces – The Analogy

shiny toothYou may be surprised how many similarities there are between selecting an SEO company for dental marketing services and getting braces put on your teeth. But while most dentists can handle teeth realignment, not all dental professionals are comfortable with SEO services for dental marketing. Still, understanding how braces work makes it easier to understand dental websites and how search engines interact with them.

Your Dental SEO “Exam”

When a patient has his or her mouth examined for braces, a complete analysis is necessary. That means taking a good look around plus doing x-rays to see what’s going on that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Then the dentist to point out what isn’t quite right.

In a similar way, a dental SEO exam checks a dentist’s website from the perspective of the outside world and from an internal design standard. That includes an examination of website ranking, how the site matches up with close competitors and what needs to be done to bring the site into proper alignment with goals. And it’s necessary to see if the underlying structure of the site complies with today’s standards so that the site can rank well on Google as well as Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Deciding what to do without an examination simply isn’t possible. There’s no way to know what elements of a dental practice’s website presence need to be pulled into place until there’s a complete understanding of how the site is functioning before any action.

Poor or missing content hinders a site in the way that poor or missing teeth hinder eating and talking. And bad work done by a previous SEO company can actually hinder a site rather than advance it too. The parallel there is easy to see.

How Long Does The Process Take?

It’s the first thing any patient getting braces wants to know, and it’s what new dental SEO clients ask all the time too. Often, however, a straight answer isn’t possible. A completion date can’t always be assigned because progress has to be checked along the way. Every mouth and every site are different, and some problems are simply more stubborn than others.

Moving all of a patient’s teeth at once could probably be done, but there would be consequences, including great pain and a great likelihood that the teeth would be damaged or lost. Braces move teeth slowly into the right positioning, and dental SEO moves website quality and ranking slowly so that nothing go wrong during the process.

Here’s the good news about dental SEO, however: it doesn’t usually take the three years that braces often do. But there’s no benefit from rushing the process either. Moving more quickly than necessary risks problems with Google penalties that can lower search engine ranking or cause a site to be de-indexed and no longer available to searchers. Smart SEO for dentists is an art as well as a science and requires some careful calculations as well as some patience if things are to work out for the best.

How Much Does It Cost?

Patients always want to know how much braces will cost just as soon as they’re satisfied with the answer about how long it will take. For braces, the answer depends on the child or adult being treated and what exactly is required to straighten everything out. A patient that has a bigger problem will require more time and money to get a great result than one with only a few things out of place.

For dental SEO, you don’t want a one-size-fits-none program. If someone offers you a firm price, you can be certain you aren’t getting the best possible customized services for you needs. Some customers who need very little work are being overcharged while others aren’t getting all the services they need before they’ve used up the monies they’ve paid.

A dental SEO deal that comes as a package is one you should avoid. You don’t want to have anything to do with companies that promise to optimize a fixed number of pages, add in a set number of keywords or handle only so many article submissions for you. Not every dental website starts in the same search engine position and has the same array of problems, so not every dental marketing plan requires the same corrective steps to bring the site in line with today’s increasingly high standards. Everything must be designed especially for the website in question, just as the right kind and duration of braces is based on a patient’s unique mouth and many other factors.

Is A Retainer A Good Idea?

Braces work though the gradual application of force through a relatively long period of time. They force teeth from where they’ve always been to a position that works and looks better. Then, a professionally designed and custom-made retainer is necessary to keep the progress that has been fought for over such a long period from being wiped away by forces beyond anyone’s control. Failing to use the retainer means ultimate failure of the braces, and that means the efforts over all those months or years slowly degrade into uselessness.

SEO for dentists works in much the same way. After a great deal of effort is taken to help you move up the search engine rankings, a bit of light maintenance work is in order to keep things in check. The dental SEO work is an investment, and it makes sense to protect the investment by holding onto the good ranking you’ve achieved on Google and other search engines. This free traffic that comes in from search engines is the most valuable on the Internet and must be continually nurtured. If you spend a bit every month to keep things aligned with your goals, you’re protecting your investment from degradation.

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