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Monthly Archives / October 2014

  • Oct 15 / 2014
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8 Smart Tips For Maintaining Your Dentures

Denture Patient Biting AppleTo maintain the best fit, look and prevent odors, you need to follow the right advice for maintaining and cleaning your dentures. Here are eight useful tips:

1. Rinse dentures after each meal in lukewarm water to get rid of food particles and rinse away things that may cause odors.

2. Soak dentures for at least 30 minutes each day in a commercially available denture cleaner solution. This helps get rid of bacteria that can cause odors and stains. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the cleaner before putting the dentures back in your mouth.

3. Clean over the sink or a bowl of water to avoid breaking your dentures. They will break if dropped on a hard surface.

4. Don’t ever use hot or boiling water on your dentures. This can warp or melt them and cause them to no longer fit.

5. Avoid toothbrushes with hard bristles as well as scouring powders and other abrasives. Scratches make plaque and debris stick tighter in the future.

6. Let the dentist handle any tartar or other hard deposits on your teeth. Using metal instruments yourself to clean dentures can cause damage that can be difficult for the dentist to repair. This type of advanced cleaning of your dentures is best left to experts.

7. Never let your dentures dry out. They can warp or crack and no longer fit well if they become dry.

8. Unless told otherwise, don’t sleep with your dentures in. Your gums need time to recover from the pressure of wearing dentures all day.

Using these eight tips, you and your dentures can get along a lot better. And your dentures can last for many years, perhaps even years beyond the length of time your dentist told you they would last. But you can shorten the life of dentures with improper care.

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