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Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings by Holistic Dentists

  • Jun 13 / 2016
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Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings by Holistic Dentists

At the moment a lot of people are already aware of the fact that mercury is indeed a substance that is toxic, and should be avoided at all costs. In as much as this is true, there is also the fact that so many others still have it in the fillings in their teeth. This is in the form of silver amalgam fillings. Of course by the time you were going in for these fillings you might not have really known the truth, or the difference, but now you should. Thanks to holistic dentistry, you are in a good position to learn so much more about the removal of mercury than you might ever have realized.

According to Dr. Paige Woods (voted best san diego dentist):
“In the event that you have fillings, you can pretty much tell in case they are designed from mercury, or if they are metallic silver. The ones that are made from alternative fillings are always white or gold in color. You must also realize that small amounts of mercury will constantly be released from the fillings into your body system from time to time. This is a truth that has been documented so many times in the past. Other than that, even the effects of exposure to mercury are also stuff that have already been documented extensively, therefore it is a pity that so many patients and dentists are still using this procedure.

At the moment there are so many dentists who are able to help you get rid of the mercury fillings. There are also some dentists that you will come across from time to time advertising their skills and wares, of how they can assist you in this regard. However, this does not mean that all of them are able to assist you safely. The challenge is that there are quite a number of people who have in the recent past come to learn about the benefits of holistic dentistry, and so many of them have also learned that so many patients do not know what it is all about. This has therefore led to the rise of dentists who claim to be offering holistic dentistry, but in the real sense they do not even know the first thing about holistic dentistry.”

In the event that you are thinking about getting your fillings removed, it is important that you get in touch with your dentist and find out from them the kind of protocols that they are using to make sure that you do not become exposed to mercury in the course of the procedure being carried out at all.

Source: http://paigewoods.com/holistic-dentist/

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